wiped out

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Synonyms for wiped out

destroyed completely

destroyed financially

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Which means no one is better equipped to protect your intellectual property and bring the hammer down on anyone who tries to take it.
Stated otherwise, claims professionals may believe that the insurer can "bring the hammer down" on insureds who withhold their consent to settle.
But if you must bring the hammer down, tell him first and face to face, not via a letter that you release simultaneously to the media.
"It doesn't seem likely that they've been getting ready to bring the hammer down on this guy," Mr.
But this time Magnier failed to rise to the bait and Hall was obliged to bring the hammer down. It was the highest price ever achieved by Glenvale and the best at Goffs since Balestrini made Irpounds 2.1 million in 2001 when bought by Magnier and Michael Tabor.
Just how much over that figure will be enough to bring the hammer down is hard to guess.
The paucity of cases on the hammer clause illustrates the reluctance of professional liability insurers to bring the hammer down. If they did so more often, insureds would certainly have taken the matter to court, and more published opinions would exist.
"As I stood on a chair I could see Jacky raise a hammer above his head and then bring the hammer down. I have never heard an animal in so much pain; it was disgusting."
RAWALPINDI -- Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Rawalpindi has been attempting to bring the hammer down on overcharging, with surprise checks at bus stands while 510 Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) were impounded and 1015 were fined for overcharging, overloading and on other violations during November.
Now the Bairn is ready to bring the hammer down on his old club to make up for him and John Baird missing out on cup glory because of their switch.
But I thought the auctioneer would never bring the hammer down!"
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