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Brinell Hardness. As mentioned, Brinell hardness (HB) was performed on the samples after they underwent the TMA experiments; this means that the specimens had been slowly cooled (similar to an annealing process) prior to the hardness tests.
Here [K.sub.IC,T], [HB.sub.T], [K.sub.IC,243] and [HB.sub.243] are the stress intensity factors and Brinell hardness at a certain temperature, T, and at the phase transition temperature 243 K, respectively.
In this study, the Brinell hardness was measured according to EN 1534 (CEN 2000) with a minor modification described by Niemz and Stubi (2000).
The inverse of the Brinell hardness and the ratio of ultimate strength to yield strength were found to have the best correlation with this factor as follows:
For the same maximum and minimum thermal modulus, the model determines if it is feasible to achieve the target microstructure and, if it is, defines their optimal isothermal transformation temperatures, based on the required mechanical properties in terms of ultimate tensile strength and Brinell hardness.
Friction characteristics of bagasse and cowhooves in the automotive friction material were investigated using Brinell hardness tester and a compressive strength machine.
2 -- Wilson Hardness, an Instron company has launched its new Brinell hardness test block.
The technique was implemented for Knoop hardness measurement but thanks to the application of the Active Shape Model it can be used for Vickers or Brinell hardness testing as well.
The advanced image analysis software automatically measures the diameter of the indentation and calculates the Brinell hardness value according to ASTM E10.
It is very hard, with a Brinell Hardness Number in the 300 to 380 range, but cutting can be very gummy.
The most common hardness tests are the Rockwell B hardness test and the Brinell hardness test.
Further, some NACD cast component clutch parts are made with greater brinell hardness which allows for improved wear characteristics over a longer period of use.
The rotor shaft is an AISI 4340 forging quenched and tempered to a specified brinell hardness. The new style is among 12 different rotor designs for the scrap shredding market that TSI is now making.