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Survival and death of brine shrimps in the presence of various concentrations of Erythrea ramosissima
Summary: A series of organic and organometallic Schiff bases bearing phenylferrocene and their six transition metal complexes have been prepared and tested for their potential biological applications by using antifungal, antibacterial, antitumor activities, toxicity testing against the brine shrimp and DNA damage analysis.
In this research exercise, an efficient, cost effective and easy method of brine shrimp lethality bio-assay was used whose results are comparable to the expensive cytotoxic bioassays [9].
This shows that the extract of SS302C was not lethal to the brine shrimps.
This private farm, concerned with the intensive production of sea bass and sea bream, includes a hatchery where commercial Artemia cysts are used to obtain brine shrimp nauplii for feeding fish larval stages.
Brine shrimp lethality bioassay is a recent development in the assay procedure of bioactive compounds which indicates cytotoxicity as well as a wide range of pharmacological activities (e.
50] value, the concentration of knipholone effective to kill 50% of brine shrimps in the test, was determined by probit analysis.
Death rate of brine shrimps was checked to investigate cytotoxic efficacy of the crude extract.
Anti-leishmanial activity was performed against Leishmania tropica promastigote stage parasite while insecticidal activity was assessed through brine shrimps lethality assay.
Every year the flamingos flock to the salt lake to feed off of brine shrimps, with many of them staying all year round if the conditions remain perfect, which according to Charilaou, they currently are: "We have had a lot of rainfall recently and flamingos are opportunistic and will stay as long as there is food and water.
The mortality rates of brine shrimps nauplii increased with the raise of the concentration of the tested crude extracts.