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a port city in southeastern Apulia in Italy

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MAYHEM: A woman receives first aid after the explosive device went off outside Francesca Morvillo Falcone High School in Brindisi, Italy.
The plane was provided by the German government to transport the cars and equipment from the UN logistics center in Brindisi, Italy.
Brindisi, Italy, March 31, 2012 --( NekoChan Hero is the third iPhone app of the Duo formed by Vito and Cosimo Menga.
He qualified, among others, the United Nations Peace Keeping Training Programme, Brindisi, Italy (2003) and the National Management Course at Pakistan Administrative Staff College, Lahore (2005).
The plant is located in Mesagne, Comune di Brindisi, Italy.
The urgently needed goods including generators, tents, plastic rolls, and jerry cans, arrived on an Airbus 300 from Brindisi, Italy, at Chaklala Military Air Base Islamabad this morning, and were officially handed to the UNHCR by the Italian government.
The UN Logistics Base (UNLB) in Brindisi, Italy, provides important communications and logistical support to peacekeeping operations and has expanded considerably since 2002.
The aircraft was flying from Tirana, Albania, to Istanbul, Turkey and was forced to land in Brindisi, Italy.
A spokeswoman for Italy's civil aviation body ENAC said two hours after the plane landed in Brindisi, Italy, the hijackers got off the plane.
* University of Bari, Bari, Italy; and ([dagger]) Agenzia Regionale Protezione Ambiente Puglia, Brindisi, Italy
ExxonMobil Chemical has announced that it is installing two new metallisation lines at its oriented polypropylene (OPP) films plant in Brindisi, Italy. The investment in metallisation by ExxonMobil reinforces the company's commitment to the OPP films business through the provision of an improved and steady supply of quality metallised films to the flexible packaging industry.
The station, at Neuss, in Germany, is on the Roman Long Road from the North Sea to Brindisi, Italy.
In their study, pediatrician Giuseppe Latini of Perrino Hospital in Brindisi, Italy, and his colleagues tested blood from 84 newborns' umbilical cords for the presence of di-(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate (DEHP) and mono-ethylhexyl-phthalate (MEHP).
Basell is converting a 352-million-lb/yr Spheripol plant in Brindisi, Italy, to MZCR.