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an old name for sulfur

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A fox pauses to watch as a vivid brimstone butterfly dances in the spotlight cast by a sunbeam.
Jim Brady called with news of a brimstone butterfly feeding over the central reservation on Prescot by-pass, taking advantage of the abundant dandelions there on April 15.
Mr Peter Hillcox, head ranger at Sutton Park, said: "The bright yellow Brimstone butterfly, small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Comma butterflies would normally be out by now.
Grow common bird's-foot trefoil for the common blue' nettles (in a pot to restrain growth) for caterpillars of the red admiral, the comma and also several kinds of moth' and buckthorn and alder buckthorn for brimstone butterfly caterpillars.
p Janet Spicer enjoyed a little egret at Pickering pasture, Halebank, last week, and closer to home, a brimstone butterfly in her garden on March 18.