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rickettsial disease transmitted by body lice and characterized by skin rash and high fever

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The prevalence of typhus antibodies in persons >65 years of age was 48%, and 6 case-patients who had particularly high levels of antibodies indicated possible Brill-Zinsser disease. Typhus survivors in Mexico are at risk for relapsing typhus fever and are potential sources for typhus outbreaks.
(13) Flying squirrel-associated epidemic typhus and recrudescent typhus (Brill-Zinsser disease) are milder infections than human louse-borne epidemic typhus, which exhibited case fatality rates ranging from 10% to 60% in the preantibiotic era.
Subsequently, this region was thought to be free from epidemic typhus, but 2 cases have been reported since 1999 in Algeria, where 1 case of Brill-Zinsser disease was observed in a man who had had epidemic typhus in 1960 during the Algerian civil war (5-7).
Her research interests are epidemic typhus, its relapsing form (Brill-Zinsser disease), and the reservoir of this disease.
He also detailed the epidemiology of a recurrent variant of typhus in European immigrants (Brill-Zinsser disease).