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two-masted sailing vessel square-rigged on both masts

a penal institution (especially on board a ship)

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At the time this story was being written, the first dog was completing its training at the Camp Lejeune Brig and would soon be placed into service with a Wounded Warrior.
structured by force, in an important sense the brig also functions by
Michel Foucault's by-now familiar metaphor of the panopticon provides a useful approach to The Brig and the particular form of social
The Brig reproduces the conditions of the panopticon's optical
The space of the brig is articulated not only by fixed boundaries
It should be noted, however, that The Brig does not entirely
in The Brig is nothing if not violent, full of violent beatings, noise,
In The Brig, the institution of the norm is crushingly emphasized
It is important to note that the brig depicted in the
construction of subjectivity are dramatised in The Brig through the
On an aircraft carrier, it would take a rank of commander to be responsible for 300 people," said Cunha, "but here at the brig, we have first class petty officers filling that role, and it's a tougher job because all of our people are known troublemakers.
Brig staff members realize the effects of serving as role models for incarcerated service members doesn't stop at the razor-wire-covered fences.
Prisoners call back to the brig and thank the Sailors who helped them rebuild their lives," said Lyles.
But for the staff stationed there, getting sent to the brig is the best career choice they could have made.