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two-masted sailing vessel square-rigged on both masts

a penal institution (especially on board a ship)

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I have never felt such pity for any one in this wide world as I felt for that half-witted creature, and it began to come over me that the brig Covenant (for all her pious name) was little better than a hell upon the seas.
A skiff, however, lay beside the pier, with some seamen sleeping on the thwarts; this, as Ransome told me, was the brig's boat waiting for the captain; and about half a mile off, and all alone in the anchorage, he showed me the Covenant herself.
There was not a child on board the brig that night who did not already love him.
"But, for the sake of the good brig, I stand ready to do my best.
"But as nothing like the brig ever swam the ocean, so I am determined she shall have such a figure-head as old Neptune never saw in his life.
Didn't I sail in as a youngster, second mate on the brig Berncastle, into Hakodate, pumping double watches to keep afloat just because a whale took a smash at us?
There is nothing in literature more remarkable than the impression produced by Dana's portraiture of the homely inner life of a little brig's forecastle.
However, to benefit from the rise of the BRICS, African countries will have to make some structural changes: they must be more proactive, clearly identify their priorities and be more hard-nosed in their negotiations with the BRIGS. To start with, African countries must identify the sectors and areas that the BRIGS should invest in as part of long-term integrated economic and infrastructure development plans.