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A Edinburgh-born Brigit is still best known for her role as Thelma Ferris in Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?
And in September 2014, that is what Druid did, reviving Bailegangaire with Marie Mullen in the lead, and staging Brigit, a new 'prequel' to the play along with it.
Jenny Beale, director at Brigit s Garden, commented that the new trail will be fun and exciting.
Caption: Brigit Rudd is the Gender Programme Manager at Lifeline Namibia.
Next to Brigit sits Rodney Bickerstaffe, the union leader who gave us the National Minimum Wage and the one union for public service workers, Unison.
The National Theatre production also stars Brigit Forsyth as Dorothy's companion, Iris.
This ties in neatly with photographs from her latest lingerie collection, in which her idea of getting ready for bed means you should end up looking like a cross between Cheryl Cole and Brigit Bardot, wearing full make-up and hair with a big bouncy boufant.
Longwood results: 18 Donald Kennedy 37min 38sec (1st M45), 68 Ian Mitchell 42-10 (1st M60), 104 Alan Cole 44-22, 106 Claire Pickersgill 44-26, 144 Robert Morris 46-22 (Youngest runner and first 10k), 192 Brigit Walsh 50-44, 201 Karen Mitchell 51-42, 202 James Scholes 51-43, 265 Richard Walsh 58-37.
Brigit True Organics products are "carefully sourced, use a limited ingredient set, and are made in small batches in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Brigit Forsyth (Thelma in The Likely Lads) plays the Mrs Havisham-like character,Mrs Gotobed, who wanders dreamily in her ball gowns adorned with jewels and gazes from her window.
And one of its stars, Brigit Forsyth, admits the cast face the Welsh premiere with a mixture of "excitement and trepidation".
Landscape with Two Saints: How Genovefa of Paris and Brigit of Kildare Built Christianity in Barbarian Europe.
The Orchard, poems by Brigit Pegeen Kelly, and Home by Marilynne
The team behind Rigor Mortis presents this new sitcom, starring Darren Boyd as McGrath and also featuring Joanna Page, Sarah Smart and Brigit Forsyth.