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a city in East Sussex in southern England that is a popular resort

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Society for Endocrinology annual conference, Brighton, England.
The first Africa Financial Services Investment Conference (AFSIC) took place in May 2013 [in Brighton, England, where it will be held this year].
There are quite a few people in Brighton, England, who will tell you, "there is no such thing as waste, just stuff in the wrong place.
In 1984, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher escaped an attempt on her life when an Irish Republican Army bomb exploded at a hotel in Brighton, England, killing five people.
Ecologists have suspected that neonicotinoids cause ecological problems for species beyond pollinators, but this is the first study to find direct evidence, says ecologist Dave Goulson of the University of Sussex in Brighton, England.
An 89-year-old pensioner was missing from a retirement care home in Brighton, England.
His father, Abubaker Degayes, told reporters outside his home in Brighton, England that his other son, Amer, was wounded by a bullet to the stomach in the same battle.
As if that isn't enough, the area is faced with an at once wonderful and problematic event: a major American superstar [think Lady Gaga, in fact the fictional counterpart is named Gaia] is about to arrive from Los Angeles, with her entourage and film crew, to Brighton, England, the city where she was born, to star in a film which will chronicle the love affair between King George the Fourth and his mistress Maria Fitzherbert.
Seattle photographer Molly Landreth went to the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England, knowing only that she was scheduled to shoot a subject for her Queer Brighton photo project there.
The Slumdog Millionaire filmmaker, who served as creative director of the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, was photograph walking hand in hand with Dawson and kissing her on the lips in the seaside town of Brighton, England, on Friday (03Aug12).
Not only did it lead to the 19-year-old from Brighton, England having his own legion of fans, called 'The Mayniacs', he also pulled in some big-name admirers.
But after he was sent off to prison, the government found he was a wealthy man from his business as a dance club owner in Brighton, England.
The BACCN annual conference was in Brighton, England, from September 12-13, 2011.
Behind the music: Formed in Brighton, England, the trio was previously known as both Peggy Sue and The Pirates and Peggy Sue and Les Triplettes.
BRIGHTON, ENGLAND -- The risk of cancer is almost 50% higher in people with rheumatoid arthritis who are treated with nonbiologic agents when compared with the general population, according to data from the British Society for Rheumatology Biologies Register.