diffuse nebula

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a cluster of stars within an intricate cloud of gas and dust

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Slightly higher in the south,at the bottom of the constellation known as Scutum, we can see two more Bright nebula.
Last year, using the Very Large Array radio telescope near Socorro, they took an image of a bright nebula surrounding the pulsar and compared it with an image taken in 1993.
The most famous of all dark nebulae, the Horsehead, lies in front of a bright nebula.
Newcomers to deep-sky observing are warmly invited to observe the "Big 5 of the African Sky", a new observing project highlighting the most splendid example of each type of deep-sky object: a galaxy, a bright nebula, a dark nebula, an open cluster, and a globular cluster.
The bright nebula extends to around 15 light years but the complete gas and dust cloud is much larger, probably covering 40 light years.
9 (~R CrA) d CrA May-Oct 94 NGC 6744 x Pav Jul-Jan 95 NGC 6752 g Pav Jul-Jan 96 M55, NGC 6809 g Sgr May-Oct 97 Melotte 227, Cr 411 o Oct Jan-Dec 98 M2, NGC 7089 g Aqr Aug-Nov 99 M30, NGC 7099 g Cap Aug-Nov 100 NGC 7293, Helix p Aqr Aug-Nov Key: n: "Top-100" Number; T: type of object, x = galaxy, g = globular cluster, p = planetary nebula, n = bright nebula, o = open cluster, d = dark nebula; C: three-letter abbreviation for constellation; Vis.