Brigate Rosse

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a Marxist-Leninist terrorist organization that arose out of a student protest movement in the late 1960s

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Adriana Faranda joined the Brigate Rosse in 1976 at the age of twenty-six, and was involved with the organization for three years as a regolare, that is, she lived underground, was to have no contact with anyone outside of the organization, and worked full-time for the BR, for which she was paid a salary of 200,000 lire per month.
And by relating her involvement with the Brigate Rosse in the context of individual history rather than Italian history, Faranda's story becomes a reevaluation of, if not outright rebuttal to, the dehumanized, monstrous identities assigned to her by official Italian history.
In fact, in her narration, Faranda inscribes her decision to unite with the Brigate Rosse with her concern for the children she meets in Gela during the summer of 1971 when she participates there in demonstrations protesting the dangerously polluted factories.
Two years later, Seghetti enlisted her help in finding an apartment for the Brigate Rosse.
See also Wager-Pacifici's discussion of the monsterization of the Brigate Rosse by the media.