brigadier general

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a general officer ranking below a major general


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An ex-agitator, Comrade Bosman Ambi Amuda stated that Brig Gen Paul Boroh is the only one that understands the pains of the men in the grassroots saying,' he understands the Amnesty programme'.
Amuda said politicians are trying to cause problems as well as ensure the sack of Brig Gen Paul Boroh from the Presidential Amnesty Office.
In the same vein, another ax-agitator, Godfrey Ogboghren claimed that politicians are only trying to blackmail Brig Gen Paul Boro.
Brig Gen Al Matroushi said that the Civil Defence will not tolerate those who put people's lives in danger.
Brig Gen Al Matroushi explained that the Civil Defence, in cooperation with Ajman Municipality, obliged developers and owners of new buildings to use high-quality and fire-resistant materials for facades to avoid fire accidents.
The violating companies will face hefty penalties, Brig Gen Al Matroushi said
The honorable dignitary Brig Gen Jassim Muhammad Al-Ansari is a graduate of Pakistan Naval Academy.
When asked how the military scene in Taiz looked after six months of battle, Brig Gen Al Shraji said the city was mostly under the control of the National Army and the resistance.
Brig Gen Al Shraji said Taiz held a strategic point in the war since it was in the heart of the country, as well as the province having the largest population mass in Yemen.
On April 11, the Stratroost Crows had on their stage Brig Gen (Ret.