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two-masted sailing vessel square-rigged on both masts

a penal institution (especially on board a ship)

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Brig Gen Al Matroushi said failure to maintain alarm systems and other fire equipment is one of the main reasons for fire incidents in buildings.
Neilston argue the ground at Brig O'Lea is part of the local heritage and has been used as a recreational facility for the community since 1825 and for the local football club for well over a century.
We also agreed to sensitise the communities living at the border to be vigilant in reporting the immigrants who cross into the country through illegal border entries, to the nearest authorities for immediate action," Brig Elwelu further added.
Brig al-Duhaimi, also the PEC secretary, said the workshop is a training initiative aimed at generating discussions related to risks and disasters, including finding appropriate solutions to respond to and recover from disasters.
In 2012, in a discussion between brig staff, it was decided that the brig should be taking the same innovative approach to its training program as it did to its building construction.
As he rose up through the state National Guard ranks over the last four decades, Brig.
BEIRUT: Acting Internal Security Forces chief Brig.
Salhab added that March 14 political rhetoric has been contradictory since the assassination of Brig.
According to an investigation report, Brig Khan, with the help of the four military offices, was planning to target the civilian and military leadership in an air attack to clear the way for establishing the Caliphate governance system in Pakistan.
Brig Nicky Moffat, 49, is taking voluntary redundancy after 26 years of service.
Clear improvements in Afghanistan include the "major success" of the establishment of a reliable national army, Brig Wardle said.
Capital Police director-general Brig Naji Al Hashel was among the first officers to arrive at Bahrain Financial Harbour after it had been blocked by demonstrators.
Hashim Abdulrazag Sayyed Yousif, Commander of Military Affairs Brig.
The charge of neglect stemmed from an incident on March 25 of this year when Brig.