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In Uganda and Brazil, Patel's group notes, recent trials produced similar gains for depressed patients who received brief psychotherapy and other services from trained nonprofessionals.
Approximately 90 percent of these psychologists have obtained post-graduate degrees in brief psychotherapy, which allows them to conduct focused interventions within a limited period of time.
Brief psychotherapy to identify and correct sources of anxiety in pregnancy may alleviate a patient's nausea and vomiting.
They also have assistance in finding mental health providers and arranging brief psychotherapy sessions for their patients.
Prediction and evaluation of outcome in an emergency brief psychotherapy clinic.
Items in this area include: (a) cognitive-behavioral intervention procedures, (b) behavioral intervention techniques, (c) brief psychotherapy, and (d) multicultural counseling.
This manager provided education, behavioral activation, support of antidepressant therapy (prescribed by the patients' primary care physicians), or brief psychotherapy using the Problem Solving Treatment in Primary Care protocol.
Brief Psychotherapy with the Latino Immigrant Client is a manual for the practicing psychotherapist or student, with tips on the assessment process and suggested interventions that work efficiently.
Gradually, short-term or brief psychotherapy has emerged as the most favored and practiced form of psychological intervention (Garfield, 1989; Koss & Butcher, 1986).
The results of this study support the effectiveness of brief psychotherapy.
The therapeutic alliance: Its relationship to outcome in brief psychotherapy.
Recent research suggests that brief psychotherapy (talk therapies that help a person in day-to-day relationships or in learning to counter the distorted negative thinking that commonly accompanies depression) is effective in reducing symptoms in short-term depression in older persons who are medically ill.
The twenty-minute hour: a guide to brief psychotherapy for the physician.
Or if you suffer from a well-defined problem, such as anxiety about a new job, brief psychotherapy might be your best course.
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