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I specifically told them that the case contains sealed $ 4649 and one of his colleagues will come to collect the brief case," Sharma said.
The resource is interspersed with illustrations as well as brief case studies of Chan's own patients.
Free registration leads users to a brochure for this company's valuation services that has brief case studies on how e-commerce data providers and technology developers implemented business strategies.
It is well written and well structured, with brief case studies, thoughtful considerations of key issues, and questions to force readers to confront their own reasons for doing what they do: "How many hours a week are you working?
With its glossy illustrations and brief case studies, this book is, like the churches, synagogues and mosques it features, certainly easy on the eye.
Toshiba offers a stylish aluminum brief case specially designed by ZeroHalliburton to fit any Qosmio computer (regardless of screen size).
He was punched and his brief case containing pounds 800 and work-related stationery was snatched.
You go through all the effort just to unfold a brief case and sit at a table.
In reference to timing, a brief case study: A resident camp chose to create a new, modernized, and more strategically appropriate camp logo.
The following brief case reports are used as examples:
the Pelle Studio Sandoken Top Rod Brief Case ($200).
Congratulations to James Sellner from the Iowa Chapter, who won the PROQUIP weatherwear outfit; William Berry of the Rochester Chapter, who won the leather TEI monogramed brief case at the hospitality table business card drawing; and the rest of the drawing winners.
Helena Gruber, 31, hid the drugs, with an estimated street value of 120 million yen, in a double-bottomed brief case when she arrived at the airport July 10, according to the officials.
However, a brief case containing the names and telephone numbers of 20 high-ranking RUC officers in Belfast was missing.
The other notebook (smaller) is carried in the athletic director's brief case.
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