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United States film actress and daughter of Henry Fonda (born in 1937)


United States film actor (1905-1982)


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Bridget Fonda was told she could play either of the lead roles, but picked Alison as she thought it was the more challenging part.
When Lasley made some for Halloween, he recalls, "we got a call the next morning saying that Bridget Fonda had bought five and they needed more." Shortly thereafter, these two former actors quit their day jobs, and basketGuy was born.
LAKE PLACID (1999) tonight, BBC1 Wales 9.30pm Highly entertaining spoof on the something-nasty-in-the-water horror genre starring Bill Pullman and Bridget Fonda. A scuba diver is killed in Lake Placid by a mystery beast that is identified as a giant crocodile thought to have died out thousands of years earlier, so, obviously the next thing that needs to be done is capture.
Michael Eisner, Julian Sands, Bridget Fonda, Jaclyn Smith and event Honorary co-chairs Cindra and Allan Ladd, Jr., and Susan and Harold Becker.
Her films include Sam & Me, which won an Honorable Mention at Cannes in 1991, Camilla (1994, with Jessica Tandy and Bridget Fonda), Fire (1997) and Earth (1999), the first two films of a trilogy set in India.
Lake Placid Sky MovieMax, 8pm Bridget Fonda is a member of one of America's most famous acting dynasties.
Chop-socky in Paris with Jet Li making mincemeat of bent cops and making time with Bridget Fonda. Ultra-violent kung-fu fun.
Giovanni Bazinni Stanley Tucci Valentina Bazinni Bridget Fonda Pop Bazinni Giancarlo Giannini Contessa Bazinni Talia Shire Lady Zito Anna Maria Alberghetti Joey Zito Anthony DeSando Robert Bazinni Alexander Milani Maria Jo Champa More of a bright little Roman candle than a full-on pyrotechnic onslaught, George Zaloom's "The Whole Shebang" is a low-key, agreeable romantic comedy about the adventures in amour and ammo of a New Jersey-based fireworks manufacturing clan.
Venevision will also present its recently-acquired movie catalog, including 40 Hollywood blockbusters, some of which are still in theaters in the U.S.: The Whole Nine Yards (showcasing Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry), Phoenix (starring Ray Liotta and Anjelica Huston) and A Simple Plan (with Bill Paxton and Bridget Fonda).
The film stars Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt and Bill Pullman as members of a research group who come together to uncover a creature terrorizing a remote Maine lake.
She takes the form of Lynn (Bridget Fonda), who used to twirl a baton at Bill's revival meetings but now acts as den mother to touring rock bands.
Balto, an animated adventure about a heroic Alaskan sled dog, features the voices of Kevin Bacon, Bridget Fonda, Bob Hoskins and Phil Collins; Gold Diggers stars Christina Ricci and Anna Chlumsky; Ricci is also in Casper; and Ed stars Matt LeBlanc, of TV's Friends.
The National Wildlife Federation has set sail for the high seas and has taken actor Bridget Fonda with it to meet several species of dolphins and the marine biologists who are shedding light on the enigmatic lives of these aquatic mammals.
Bridget Fonda plays a lawyer trying to help the dead policeman's widow.
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