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a port in southwestern Connecticut on Long Island Sound

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After riding out the hurricane in their home in Biloxi, Mississippi, Richard and his family moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut.
IN OUR URBAN high school in Bridgeport, Connecticut, we got a grant to delay the opening of school until fourth period.
Liscio, DDS, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, passed away January 29, 2002.
Starting this month, middle-school kids from the Berkeley/Oakland area of California have an opportunity that their fellow students in Kansas City, Bridgeport, Connecticut, New York City, and Boston already enjoy: They can go to AileyCamp.
Originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Eddy Rivera Sr.
follows suit with other decisions where similar cases were dismissed in Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Prior to his appointment to New York, he served for 12 years as the bishop of Bridgeport, Connecticut.
ON THE EVE OF THE millennium, a new photography exhibition at the Discovery Museum, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, is taking a centennial look back at the medium through the lenses of some of its most renowned practitioners.
Bristol Technology Inc has named the witnesses it plans to call in the forthcoming antitrust trial against Microsoft Corp, scheduled to begin in Bridgeport, Connecticut from June 1.
His standout work in this regard is Seaside Park, Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1991, which pits his typically anachronistic compositional strategy against a mongrel landscape - a telephone pole, an overly manicured tree, concrete barriers covered in graffiti, and a parking lot dissolving into a seashore at the horizon line - to subtly brutal effect.
Sheehan has served with the Bridgeport, Connecticut, Police Department and is now a private consultant for emergency services and communication issues in Davis, California.
Manufactured in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Aurora strings are the ONLY guitar strings that are made entirely from domestic components; truly 100% made in the USA from top-grade materials, and meticulously overseen by master craftsmen.
Since joining the company in May 2007, Lopriore was responsible for the operations for 13 generation facilities spanning four states, constructed coal plant BET projects and nine LM6000 peaking units as well as began the construction of three combined cycle plants in Keyes, Maryland, Bridgeport, Connecticut and Sewaren, New Jersey.
02 gas turbine engineered equipment package from GE for the Bridgeport Harbor Generating Station in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
In the court, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Sean and his dad Michael looked "confused" as she explained she was seeking $127,000.