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Synonyms for bridgehead

an area in hostile territory that has been captured and is held awaiting further troops and supplies

a defensive post at the end of a bridge nearest to the enemy

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In bridgehead test - M1, M3, M9, M30): Completion of the bridge-head test net 32,900,000 HUF subject to a ceiling (maximum amount, which stipulates the possibility of contracting a downward departure from the 60% rate).
As a Foreign Office official wrote, again confidentially, in 1959, "EFTA was formed primarily as an economic defense organization and the simile of a bridge-head would in fact have been more apt than that of the bridge.
Newport has almost become a bridge-head for drugs coming into southern Wales.
New Australian company Palandri is building a bridge-head in the UK to sell a range of premium wines.
But the mission was cancelled and the Force ended up in Italy, fighting in the battle for Monte Cassino, and later at the Anzio bridge-head.