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Synonyms for bridge

Synonyms for bridge

a circuit consisting of two branches (4 arms arranged in a diamond configuration) across which a meter is connected

something resembling a bridge in form or function

a wooden support that holds the strings up

a denture anchored to teeth on either side of missing teeth

the link between two lenses

an upper deck where a ship is steered and the captain stands

connect or reduce the distance between

make a bridge across

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There was a huge misconception around town that what was approved was not supposed to be above the height of the bridge railing.
That's hardly surprising - it would leave most of the new complex still standing 6 feet above the bridge railing.
The car drifted into the center median, hit a bridge railing, then swerved back across all lanes and slammed into another railing, officials said.
traffic safety, - manufacture of temporaries for traffic management, - earthworks (about 750 m), - road construction (about 4100 m), - scaffolding, - construction pit production with shoring (about 520 m), - concrete demolition works, - high pressure water jets, - concrete repair work, - bridge drainage, - reinforced concrete works (about 360 m), - sealing work (about 4200 m), - vehicle restraint systems (about 1700 m), - road marking (about 3200 m), - bridge railing (about 190 m).
But most of the structure would still stand at 6 feet above the bridge railing.
Replacement new bw 66 and bw 67, quantity and scope, 1 850 m topsoil day, 1 200 m earthworks, 13 300 m construction pit excavation, 1 450 m reinforced concrete, 235 t reinforcing steel b 500b, 20 tons of prestressing steel, 265 m bridge railing, 1 000 m bridge waterproofing.
The tanker driver was killed, and an International big-rig truck crashed into a bridge railing after spinning out of control when the driver swerved to avoid colliding with the tanker truck.
Contract awarded for San-shang bridge, Yaetong bridge, Orihong bridge fence installation construction purchase aluminum bridge railing (manufacture)
About $50,000 worth of aluminum bridge railing has been stolen in the past six months, said Miles, who oversees maintenance in the two counties.
The work for the Park Street bridge over the Housatonic River shall consist of removing the existing bridge superstructure and replacing with a new superstructure complete with new bridge railing, sidewalks, deck, and adjacent box beams.
Tenders are invited for guide rail maintenance group 4-17-grm2 includes the repair, replacement and maintenance of guiderail, end treatments, bridge railing, right-of-way fence, median barrier, glare screen and traffic impact attenuator systems.