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a variety of bridge in which the bidder receives points toward game only for the number of tricks he bid


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They are as straightforward as a computer bridge game and as complex as monoclonal antibodies, but the innovations flowing out of the University of Oregon are setting records for both the number of inventions and the revenue they produce.
He came into the Trent Bridge game nervously and he got five wickets and then he was left out.
The Stamford Bridge game, perhaps the best fixture to avoid the gaze of the Sky cameras this season, comes four days before United resume their Champions League bid against Valencia.
Ozil complained after the Stamford Bridge game about a sore knee but was still allowed to join up with the world champions after Arsenal informed them of the problem.
The Scotland under-21 youngster, Everton's third choice, was called into action only 25 minutes before the fourth round replay at Stamford Bridge game when Richard Wright suffered his bizarre ankle injury in the warm-up.
The Barclays Premiership leaders were frustrated by Villa for large parts of a tight Stamford Bridge game but a goal from Damien Duff was enough for victory.
Jack Lemmon was born in a hospital lift in Boston on February 8, 1925, because his parents didn't want to leave a bridge game and barely made it.
CHELSEA captain Dennis Wise became an instant hero in Istanbul when he tackled a PKK demonstrator midway through last month's Stamford Bridge game against Galatasaray with the same technique he used to scythe down Manchester United midfielder Nicky Butt.
They also resumed a bridge game that had been interrupted by the tremor, helping to keep up their spirits, according to a doctor who treated them in the hospital.
Scores were determined to be incorrect due to an error that happened with the ACBL tournament at the same time as the Friday duplicate bridge game.
Inevitably, though, we have to discuss the down side to last season's clashes with Chelsea - such as the ugly confrontations at the end of the Stamford Bridge game with some Barca players claiming they'd been racially abused and manhandled by club stewards.
Obviously, nothing disturbs Lady Cynthia Muldoon's bridge game (Sara Crowe in a delightful parody of a toff accent).
I'm sure the Stamford Bridge game will be similar but they're going to be very tough.
"Our planning for the World Twenty20 started with the Trent Bridge game earlier in the summer, when Kevin had made himself unavailable.
The free-scoring Barclays Premiership leaders were frustrated by Villa for large parts of a tight Stamford Bridge game, but a single goal from Damien Duff proved enough for victory.