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Synonyms for bridge

Synonyms for bridge

a circuit consisting of two branches (4 arms arranged in a diamond configuration) across which a meter is connected

something resembling a bridge in form or function

a wooden support that holds the strings up

a denture anchored to teeth on either side of missing teeth

the link between two lenses

an upper deck where a ship is steered and the captain stands

connect or reduce the distance between

make a bridge across

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To assist local enterprises in seizing the tremendous business chances, especially at a time when China and India's economies have taken off to trigger more domestic demands for new cars, MOEA came up with the Bridge Building Program in 2010 to urge more business cooperation between Taiwanese auto electronic suppliers and Chinese carmakers
Craft Stick Bending[TM] is sponsoring the Bridge Building Competition by providing the 40 thousand food grade, made in the USA popsicle sticks used in this engineering feat.
Oliver North, aged 10, said: "One the first day my group did bridge building. We managed to get to the other side which was fun."
"There needs to be some bridge building between the church and those in positions of national leadership," he said.
If schools begin to hear a message from parents that the words spoken in a classroom are more important than the grade of carpet for a classroom, then the bridge building will be moving from both directions and there will be a new comfort zone--for administrators and for parents--smack in the middle of the bridge.--Scott Chesney, dir.
Milwaukee Electric Tool's series of high-speed steel annular cutters are designed for fast, precise drilling in metal for applications such as steel and metal fabricating, truck and auto manufacturing, bridge building, construction and marine applications.
Neavoll recently won a Global Media Award from The Population Institute in 1996, a Human Rights Award from the Portland chapter of Amnesty International in 1995, and the first Portland Bias Crime Task Force's Diversity Bridge Building Award in 1995.
Having lived in Chicago most of my adult life, and worked in both city and state government, I've learned that successful and responsive governing requires a significant amount of bridge building not slash and burn.
Teesside University History student Tim Butler who is working on the project as part of BOOST summer placements programme, said: "The images provide a unique insight into bridge building history.
"Education volunteers can get involved in a whole range of activities - from helping children to understand the history of waterways transport and trade, to delivering children's holiday crafts, bridge building, towpath walks and roses and castles painting."
Our expertise and pedigree in bridge building is the perfect springboard for us to deliver half the UK's wind turbine towers.
The challenges included bridge building, car design, tests in a wind tunnel and designing and building the structure for a sports hall.