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"A massive thanks go to our beautiful bridal party who were a huge support to us both.
Wearing a stunning floral headpiece, the adorable tot could be seen peering through the window of the car as the bridal party travelled to St George's Chapel.
Bridal party Chief bridesmaid Caitlin Keenan (bride's sister); bridesmaid Jennifer Phillips (Peter's sister); and bridesmaids Emma Quinn and Lesley-Anne Coyle (bride's close friends).
And the bridal party, which included another sister, make-up artist Roisin, managed to make the most of the weather.
Going back to Chopra's wedding, Scobie said that the "Quantico" star will most likely have a bridal party. And if Markle is invited to attend, the palace can't talk her into not attending it.
Bridal party colours: Any colour from the main party is a no-no.
PRINCE George and Princess Charlotte will have starring roles among six bridesmaids and four pageboys in the bridal party, Kensington Palace announced.
As the bridal party approaches the mosaic palace at Elmina Castle that Kwesi has built, the bridal party is set upon by slave traders: many are killed and Kadeja is captured never to be seen again.
The bridal party then had a karaoke session in the suite 'with lots and LOTS of tequila shots!
The palace said George and Charlotte will be in the bridal party.
RIDE AND GROOM: Anna Wilson's bridal party travels to her wedding on the Mersey ferry Snowdrop
Members of the public hoping to become overnight millionaires include a bridal party - complete with bride-to-be and bridesmaids - plus a whole family with mum, dad and their three children all doing their best to win big by correctly answering seven questions.
"It will be an un-missable bridal party where unique wedding themes will be brought to life offering the much-needed inspiration for the big day.
The bridal party then joined their guests to enjoy a traditional New Orleans jar?