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Synonyms for brick

kind person


brick something up

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rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln

a good fellow

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It is a work of fine scholarship, clear historical insight into the business of brickmaking and obvious empathy for workers whose labour 'built this city'.
Punjab also has many brickmaking factories that draw laborers from rural areas of the province; they, too, are provided daily wages insufficient for their needs.
Wealthy Tehranis celebrated modernization with champagne and beluga caviar, while peasants continued to work in brickmaking factories and drive taxis, he said.
THE chairman of a well-known Coventry brickmaking firm has died at the age of 80.
484) The practical problems of constructing comparisons are addressed by Jan Lucassen in a study of brickmaking in India and Western Europe that finds similarities in the organization of work, including the prominence of family "gangs.
establishing a brickmaking facility on the mine's property which will employ
The Forest of Marston Vale is a 40 year programme for the environmentally-led regeneration of a degraded area, using trees and woodlands to transform 61 sq miles (16,000 ha) of the Marston Vale in Bedfordshire, repairing a landscape scarred by decades of clay extraction, brickmaking and landfill
The Government did not subject individuals to forced labor or enslavement based on religious beliefs; however, minority community leaders charged that the Government failed to take adequate action to prevent bonded labor in both the brickmaking and agricultural sectors.
Hanson said the purchase of Marshalls Clay Products would narrow the gap between its own brickmaking division - currently the second largest in the UK - and market leader Ibstock.
Other organisations on board this year include Fact, which is staging a month-longArabic film season,and the National Museums Liverpool, which are staging a number of workshops, including one on brickmaking.
Visiting Scotland's oldest brickworks, the show aims to tell the story of brickmaking at Errol Brick, speaking to kilnsetter, brickmakers and packers in this ancient craft.
Tax evasion on building sites is as old an art as brickmaking.
They see the displacement to the cities of a growing laboring population as stimulating valuable industries, such as "textiles, sugar-refining, brickmaking, and, of course, ship-building" (245).