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Synonyms for brick

kind person


brick something up

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rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln

a good fellow

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first ever brickmaking Academy training in 2017, which is offered to selected trainees across the country,' Sowden added.
Clemson became involved again and designed a brickmaking machine that produced two bricks at a time.
However, thanks to the generosity of many people, the foundation was able to dig those latrines and move on to brickmaking.
Most Malawian trafficking victims are exploited within the country, generally transported from the southern part of the country to the central and northern regions for forced labor in agriculture (predominantly the tobacco industry), goat and cattle herding, and brickmaking. Many cases of child labor external to the family involve fraudulent recruitment and physical or sexual abuse, indicative of forced labor.
A geology report dated 1859 stated, "It is a mistake to suppose the clay of the region is not adapted to brickmaking. In Elk Rapids, 100,000 bricks of Milwaukee color were made, and all were good, except a few made from material taken near the surface of the bed." The Traverse Region, Historical and Descriptive also reported that Civil War veteran James I.
Take on a free activity trail and kids of all ages can also get their hands dirty and have a go at brickmaking, a trade which employed thousands of women of the Black Country throughout the 19th century.
Long before humans had the technology for brickmaking, they created walls by piling stones atop each other in a staggered pattern.
Williams, invites parents to use the classrooms and schoolyard for projects and brainstorming, many unemployed fathers use the only skill they have -- brickmaking. Drawing from an actual, award-winning project conducted in 1994 at Zerilda Park Primary School in Cape Town, including the life of Dr.
However, while the worker surely prepares the clay in order for it to take on form, as in brickmaking for instance, it is nevertheless 'the clay that takes form according to the mould, not the worker who gives it its form' (p249).
After the war, prisons fell out of favor, and punishment, particularly as it was applied to African Americans, took the form of hard labor in private industries such as mining, brickmaking, lumber, railroad construction, and farming on plantations.
In this study, we evaluate the use of biosolid and biosolid ashes from the El Salitre wastewater treatment plant in Bogota as raw material for brickmaking. As evidence justifying the choice of our source material we should mention the following: the wastewater treatment plant treats 4 m3/s of wastewater, approximately 4,950 tons of biosolids are generated per month [5] and there has not been an evaluation on its alternative uses in construction materials [6].
They lost a lot of money before learning that brickmaking is a skilled job requiring the right balance of many different factors.
Clean soil was delivered to the villages for brickmaking and other construction purposes.
This is especially common in the construction industry, particularly in the unregulated sectors of brickmaking and stone quarrying.
Sedeno introduced the technology of brickmaking and burning limestone to make lime as mortar for brick and stones to build stone structures.