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Synonyms for brick

kind person


brick something up

Words related to brick

rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln

a good fellow

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He provided information on the set-up of the existing brick-making facility, the existing warehouse which is leased out, the landscape plan and the proposed additions at the front of the building and at the loading area on the north side.
It should be mentioned here that people belonging to brick-making industry in Faisalabad continued today their seven-day strike, warning to initiate long march from their city to Lahore on July 8 if their demands are not met.
Bruges's part in the history of brick-making will also be revealed.
Head of the Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation (OEV), Michalis Pilikos, yesterday gave as example brick manufacturers in the government-controlled areas who were obliged by EU regulations to use more environmentally-friendly fuel for brick-making.
The Danish Energy Agency and World Bank decided to offset those by helping Bangladesh replace 20 inefficient brick-making kilns with new ones that use half as much energy.
We stand in the brick-making section of the yard, watching a small group of men sweep handfuls of sanded pug (a wet mixture of clay and loam) into wooden moulds at high speed.
Within these topics the essays discuss a diverse range of subjects including architecture, Islamic art, gastronomy, brick-making, religion, letter-cutting, philosophy, law, sculpture, and language, maintaining the continued role of tradition and the dangers inherent in its denial.
The brick-making company, the country's largest producer of handmade bricks, racked up more than 23 per cent of Baggeridge shares during last year's takeover battle and at one stage entered into a pounds 16.
Two workers at a brick-making factory between Kabul and Bagram push the camouflage curtain from an army tank into a ditch to make the fire burn more quickly.
27m tonnes of coal and up to 500,000 tonnes of brick-making fireclay from a site near Tow Law, in County Durham.
ENERGY RESOURCE-20 November 2006-World's Largest Brick-Making Facility Using Landfill Gas to Fuel Operations(C)2006 JeraOne - http://www.
SciTech21-20 November 2006-Landfill Gas Will Fuel Operations at World's Largest Brick-Making Facility(C)2006 JeraOne - http://www.
Craft demonstrations include tile-making, spinning and brick-making.
Opening day includes music, food, children's games and traditional crafts, including brick-making and wood carving.