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a place where bricks are made and sold


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And I really, really wish I'd slipped that 20-peso note to the little girl with the haunting expression at the brick yard.
In the sunny concrete and brick yard she has created a personal market garden to grow all the things she likes to eat.
FAMILY homes for less than pounds 100,000 are proving popular at Carronvale Home's West Lothian development, The Brick Yard in Armadale.
Vanessa's parents came from rural KwaZulu-Natal province four years ago in search of jobs after the brick yard that employed her father, Sipho, went out of business.
A COMBINATION of quality houses and competitive prices is making The Brick Yard in Armadale a sales winner.
Outside features include the enclosed rose garden, blue brick yard, gravelled beds, fuel store and cellarage plus the garaging, stable and tack room within the barn.
CARRONVALE Homes have launched their detached showhomes at The Brick Yard in Armadale.
Dotted around were numerous ale houses which saw to the needs of miners and farm hands, weavers and ironworkers, paupers, servants and brick yard labourers.
Out further, near the brick yards, I would pass an old man in a white jalabeya watching TV in his courtyard.
The West Yorkshire band dates back to 1884, when it was made up of workers from the local lime kilns, quarries and brick yards.
We can also find people who are broken down or lost to provide added security for our drivers and create reports of how long it takes our brick yards to load the trucks.
It prospered through the carrying of coal to the gas holders and of bricks from the clay pits and brick yards around Garrison Lane.
But by the Second World War, most of the mines had shut down and the brick yards had closed.