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building material consisting of bricks laid with mortar between them

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The Brick and Mortar Reporter podcast has a new interview every single day and the interviews cover every type of local business imaginable.
The biggest advertisement brick and mortar stores had before the Internet was a huge sign in front of their building.
Some brick and mortar suppliers will test old mortar to determine what's in it and whether it is compatible with the new mortar replacing it.
Even with online revenues increasing, data suggest that brick and mortar retailers could do a lot more to improve the multi-channel customer experience, which would reap greater benefit to the bottom line," said Freed.
The much-talked-about surge in online retailing in 1999 caused many to speculate on the future viability of brick and mortar retailers.
Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of brick and mortar makes it a lot easier to figure out why both solid and veneer brick walls deteriorate.
com is a search engine that specializes in providing users with search results for local brick and mortar businesses.
Potential Blockbuster, Hollywood Merger Demonstrates End of Brick and Mortar Video Renting
The major brick and mortar pharmacy models are based upon the simple premise that consumers, who are waiting up to an hour to fill a prescription, will make additional product purchases from the thousands of OTC products, stationary supplies, candy, newspapers and cigarettes located in the store.