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British sculptor (born in the United States) noted for busts and large controversial works (1880-1959)

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Down south, we also see how Brian Epstein's interest in young men went further than just buying them mohair suits, but young Cilla is still happily naive about all this.
Washington, Oct 25 ( ANI ): 'The Fifth Beatle', a comic based on the life of The Beatles' manager, Brian Epstein will make its debut in Italy from 28 Oct.
Brian Epstein - Brian Epstein is a Coach and Career Consultant with extensive experience working with professionals and business people from very diverse backgrounds.
Their manager Brian Epstein's former offices on Whitechapel in the city centre will be cleared to make way for a clothing store.
According to the autobiography The Searchers And Me by the group's singer Frank Allen, the incident happened at a showbiz soiree hosted by Beatles manager Brian Epstein in August 1964.
THE Beatles' first contract with manager Brian Epstein is up for sale for pounds 250,000.
The first management contract between The Beatles and their manager Brian Epstein is expected to fetch pounds 250,000 at auction.
A group of musicians and singers will be celebrating the life and works of 60s-music-guru Brian Epstein at South Shields Customs House next week.
Forty years after being "creatively awakened" by the Beatles, Carlo Alessi remains inspired by the strategic and tactical brilliance of the late Brian Epstein, the Beatles' manager.
Still, he's hustler enough to have made feature films out of several arrestingly personal narratives: 1992's The Hours and Times imagines a wistful weekend between John Lennon and gay manager Brian Epstein; 1997's Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day pictures the last days of a railroad, with Michael Stipe as the gay one among the lonesome souls who run it.
As personal assistant to Beatles manager Brian Epstein, he helped discover the most famous group the world has ever seen.
He wants to do everything: a musical, a melodrama, an experimental film, and a political statement; he stuffs the picture with so many cultural references - from English music-hall drag to Brian Epstein's crush on John Lennon - that eventually it suffers from bloat.
The film was the brainchild of the Fab Four - their first major project after Sergeant Pepper and the death of manager Brian Epstein. It features I am the Walrus, which the Beatles-inspired Gallagher brothers use to close Oasis's live shows.
The 27-year-old, of Jubilee Street, Shotton, had worked as an assistant manager at the theatre - formerly known as the Neptune but in recent years renamed in honour of Beatles manager Brian Epstein.
Picture: ROBERT DAY EXHIBITION Remembering Brian Epstein Now on permanent display are Brian Epstein's original wool and cashmere coat, a set of handwritten lyrics by Brian (which were never used by The Beatles), a fragment of original note paper, press cuttings and a draft letter from Brian to The Beatles, circa March, 1967.