Leonid Brezhnev

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Soviet statesman who became president of the Soviet Union (1906-1982)

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Others among the hundreds who used the city for on location productions include the 51st State, The Parole Officer, Land and Freedom, Revenger's Tragedy, Hear My Song, Shirley Valentine, The Hunt For Red October, The Dressmaker, Letter To Breznev, Champion, Chariots of Fire, Gumshoe, The Reckoning, Charlie Bubbles, A Hard Day's Night, Sink The Bismark, Violent Playground, It Happened One Sunday .
I bet Frank Clarke, brother of Margi, and writer/director of Letter To Breznev could have made 10 51st States for the estimated pounds 30m squandered on this movie.
(13) Su proposito era la estabilizacion del statu quo de influencia europeo (Doctrina Breznev) en un clima de distension entre este y oeste mediante un equilibrio militar a nivel minimo.
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