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Synonyms for yeast

a mass of bubbles in or on the surface of a liquid

an agent that stimulates or precipitates a reaction, development, or change

to form or cause to form foam

Synonyms for yeast

a commercial leavening agent containing yeast cells

any of various single-celled fungi that reproduce asexually by budding or division

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This book is illustrated and fully referenced and offers insight into yeast management from storage through packaging as well as the latest theoretical and applied findings regarding brewing yeast behavior.
There are also thousands of strains of brewing yeast producing many varieties of beer.
There are thousands of strains of brewing yeast producing many varieties of beer.
Brewing yeast will span the gap from a Hyundai to a Rolls Royce.
based Cara Technology has signed an agreement with the National Collection of Yeast Cultures (NCYC) to market and sell its brewing yeast services worldwide.
Depending on the brewing yeast strain and the present condition of the yeast, the cell number count may vary.
For brewing yeast and root beer extract, you'll find the widest selection from home-brow supply stores or by mail order.
P-19: Controlling the Level of Hydrogen Sulfide Production in Lager Brewing Yeast by the Introduction of Heterologous Enzymatic Pathways For Cysteine Biosynthesis Ms.