erectile dysfunction

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impotence resulting from a man's inability to have or maintain an erection of his penis

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But there's certainly no such thing as brewer's droop in this pub
You were probably suffering from first-night nerves then had too many drinks for Dutch courage, culminating with Brewer's Droop.
Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix make up the roll-call, alongside the lesser known music makers of their day, Brewer's Droop and The Shy Lambs.
In fact it was more like a classic case of brewer's droop as a series of casual liaisons were acted out with cold detachment with a neon sign signalling the times of each encounter (varying from 45 seconds to several hours).
Brewer's droop affects many men after a heavy night out.
David emailed all the way from the US to tell us about a pal who's known as either Brewer's Droop or Erectile Dysfunction.
When asked why he replied: ``I think it was probably down to the beer, brewer's droop I suppose.
I drank beer, hoping I would get brewer's droop and took scalding hot baths to try to solve the problem.
Burton's adrenaline alone could see them hold firm for an hour before United's superior fitness and class overcomes them later in the game - a case of Brewer's droop if you will