erectile dysfunction

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impotence resulting from a man's inability to have or maintain an erection of his penis

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Burton's adrenaline alone could see them hold firm for an hour before United's superior fitness and class overcomes them later in the game - a case of Brewer's droop if you will!
He's failed once - almost certainly due to brewer's droop. Now he's so anxious that sheer nerves are making him fail every time.
When this happens women automatically think the worst - that he had brewer's droop, or he felt a stab of guilt about his wife and kids.
There's even a name for the phenomenon - Brewer's Droop.
Not, it seems, because of his sexy football, which developed a serious case of brewer's droop at Newcastle, but because of his own sexy personality.
BREWER'S droop. Never suffered from it, of course, but I'm told it's a terrible thing.
He says: "I'm very well-endowed, keep myself in good shape and never suffer from brewer's droop."
Reading between the lines, I think he may have been suggesting Alen Boksic & Co were suffering from Brewer's Droop.
And Mel says: "He'd most likely have brewer's droop and expect you to do all the work - I believe in equality on that score."