erectile dysfunction

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Synonyms for erectile dysfunction

impotence resulting from a man's inability to have or maintain an erection of his penis

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I drank beer, hoping I would get brewer's droop and took scalding hot baths to try to solve the problem.
Burton's adrenaline alone could see them hold firm for an hour before United's superior fitness and class overcomes them later in the game - a case of Brewer's droop if you will
The Team That Porn Built has a case of Brewer's Droop.
There's even a name for the phenomenon - Brewer's Droop.
When this happens women automatically think the worst - that he had brewer's droop, or he felt a stab of guilt about his wife and kids.
Not, it seems, because of his sexy football, which developed a serious case of brewer's droop at Newcastle, but because of his own sexy personality.
He says: "I'm very well-endowed, keep myself in good shape and never suffer from brewer's droop.
And Mel says: "He'd most likely have brewer's droop and expect you to do all the work - I believe in equality on that score.