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Indeed, this can be even observed within Clupeiformes with different reproductive strategies and habitats; Harengula jaguana (demersal eggs), Brevoortia tyrannus and Anchoa mitchilli (pelagic eggs) (Higgs & Fuiman, 1998).
Distribution and segregation of two sympatric Brevoortia species (Teleostei: Clupeidae).
Atran and Loesch (1995) carried out an analysis of weekly fluctuations in catchability of Brevoortia tyrannus, assuming that variations in the q coefficient could remain relatively constant when measured on an annual scale.
The most abundant genera include Brevoortia, (the "menhaden" of the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and the southeast of the United States), Sardinella (the anchovies of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific), and Opisthonema (of the tropical coasts of the American Pacific).
The ichthyofauna of this subgroup was discriminate by the highest abundance of Lycengraulis grossidens, Parapimelodus valenciennis, Micropogonias furnieri, Macrodon ancylodon, Brevoortia aurea and Anchoa marinii.
Gulf menhaden Brevoortia 3 patronus Feather Hypsoblennius 2 blenny hentz Inland Menidia 2 silverside beryllina Emerald Ero telis 1 sleeper smaragdus Spot Leiostomus 1 xanthurus Blackwing Prionotus 1 searobin rubio Least puffer Sphoeroides 1 parvus Inshore Synodus 1 lizardfish foetens Common name RA * Marsh edge (%) (mean [+ or -] SE) Total fish 17.
Atlantic menhaden, Brevoortia tyrannus, are estuarine-dependent, marine migratory members of the herring family of fishes (Ahrenholz, 1991).
Some of the most abundant fish include Brevoortia patronus, Micropogonias undulatus, Anchoa mitchilli, Cynoscion arenarius, and Arius felis.