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a short-lived radioactive metallic element formed from uranium and disintegrating into actinium and then into lead

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(64) In 1545, Henry Smyth and William Middleton both published Littleton's Tenures and Fitzherbert's Natura Brevium,(65) basic and widely-used books of legal reference.
During that interim the STC finds only two books for Tottell (both ascribed to 1550), and though one of these is a law text (an edition of the much-printed Natura Brevium), Tottell's connection with that book is uncertain and noted in the STC with an understandable question mark, since the colophon of the book itself announces that it was "Imprynted at London, / in Paules Churche yarde at / the signe of the mayde[n]s / heed by Thomas / petit." (69) William Herbert provided two other titles not identified as Tottell's work in the STC, one on urines and one decrying dice playing, books which (if they were in fact Tottell's) appear subsequently to have been lost.
Among the law publications in this inventory were Littleton's Tenures, 400 copies of Natura Brevium in English, 500 in French, plus "centum and quinquaginta alios libros de natura brevium [one hundred and fifty other books of Natura Brevium]." These are books that de Worde and his successors at the Sun are not known to have printed.
The following are the books, other than Littleton's Tenures, Natura Brevium, and the yearbooks, published by both Smyth and Middleton.
A new papal college of scriptores brevium was created in 1503 (Partner, 1990, 12-16 and passim).