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Jan Breughel the Elder and Jacob Backer, who collaborated on a very small painting, show Actaeon only just coming Into view in the background, while the modesty of the classically-posing bathers is preserved from the viewer by some fortuitously placed drapes.
Dulle Griet, incidentally, is also known by the Anglicised name Mad Meg, a figure in a 1562 painting by Pieter Breughel the Elder, who depicted a peasant woman leading a female army to pillage Hell.
After a look round the courtyard by the entrance, a slow walk through the house allowed one to savor a wide spectrum of these works: Titian's own self-portrait, peasant portraits by Breughel the Younger, Paradise With the Fall of Man by Jan Breughel the Elder, Rubens' copies of Venus and Callisto and Young Woman with a Fan by Titian, his own Forest at Dawn With a Deer Hunt and Mercury and Argus, Anthony van Dyck's St.
And I prefer, to get out of hell, the landscapes of this quiet convulsionary to the teeming compositions of Breughel the Elder or Hieronymus Bosch, who are, in comparison with him, only artists, whereas Van Gogh is only a poor dunce determined not to deceive himself.
It also contains one of the best Old Master collections in the country, including Breughel the Elder, Rubens, Velasquez and Canaletto.