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"The Dance" (William Carlos Williams, from Pictures from Brueghel and Other Poems); Paulus sets poem inspired by Pieter Breughel the Elder's painting, Peasant Dance, or "The Kermess" (Greenway, Selected Resources); 3.
Comfort claimed that Breughel's two paintings represent a 'disintegrating society' whose 'irresponsibility he hates', concluding that the true subject of these 'masterpieces' is 'the romantic struggle of Man against his environmental enemies'.
The critical modern association is surely Van Gogh's Wheatfield with Crows (1890), which, vaguely following Breughel, conceives its birds as angels of an ineffable melancholy.
"It's the idea of combining art and religion in something equally precious") from the 1500s; the Rhodes Missal of 1504 (a richly illuminated manuscript on vellum); a Breughel masterpiece Madonna and Child with St John the Baptist in a Landscape; 17th and 18th century prints from the Bible Museum in Amsterdam; and a Konstantinos Parthenis work of humble beauty (entitled simply Madonna and Child) which was the artist's gift to his own daughter on her 21st birthday.
Each single Breughel Baby, as I called them, was my day's work, although they often took minutes to make, not hours.
"Oh, we had more than 50 cafes in Dworp,'' she said of the bucolic village 10 miles south of Brussels, part of a hilly area of pastures whose landscapes, and beers, figured in the paintings of the famous artist Breughel. "It was incredible -- it was almost like everyone had a cafe.''
Van Breughel et at (3) reported a range of absorption peaks in 420, 445, 470, 560, 630, 690 and 730 nm and a general decrease in absorption at longer wavelengths and concluded that several molecules in fibroblasts serve as photoacceptors and absorb special wavelengths.
(136) Dickey's sixth and final chapter is called "Pastoral Mode: William Carlos Williams and Nativist Portraiture." Williams's interest in the visual arts has received lots of attention, not least because Williams himself drew such attention to it (Pictures from Breughel).
Every cavernous room was like being part of a Breughel painting, people in proliferation and profusion, lots of lollers and layabouts, huddles and muddles, and a veritable anaconda line to any window marked "cashier".
The opera was inspired by the often-nightmarish paintings of Breughel and Bosch, particularly the latter's "Garden of Earthly Delights," and this production takes on aspects of the hyper-realistic, larger-than-life sculptures of Australian artist Ron Mueck.
Whatever the actual nature of the vision (and given Porter's predilection for claiming fictional events as biographical, the claim must not be accepted uncritically), Unrue notes that when Porter was finally conscious "the first object she saw was a framed print of The Virgin and Child Surrounded by Flowers and Fruit, by Peter Paul Reubens and Jan Breughel. She asked for it as a memento, which she kept for the rest of her life" (63).
Some of the illustrations pay homage to the masters Chagall and Breughel in style and motif.
New York, NY, June 11, 2013 --( Pieter Breughel the Younger's “Spring” more than tripled its low estimate of $700,000 and fetched $2.3 million at Sotheby's Old Master paintings sale on June 6, 2013.
We were thinking about Bosch and Breughel and Escher and Turner--the history of painting began to emerge, and the representation of nature and humanity's role in relation to nature began to emerge during post-production, during the editing.
Shuts down again the close dark; the stumbling dark of the blind, that Breughel knew about--ditch circumscribed; this all depriving darkness split now by crazy flashing; marking hugely clear the spilled bowels of trees, splinter-spike, leper-ashen, sprawling the receding, unknowable, wall of night--the slithery causeway--his little flock, his armed bishopric going with weary limbs.