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A., Bongers, F., Martinez-Ramos, M., Granzow-de la Cerda, I., Van Breugel, M., ...
Considerando que especies mais iniciais apresentam usualmente um ciclo de vida mais curto, uma maior taxa de mortalidade deste grupo tem sido relatada na literatura (VAN BREUGEL; BONGERS; MARTInEZ-RAMOS, 2007).
Van Breugel, Simulation of Hydration and Formation of Structure in Hardening Cement-Based Materials, Ph.D.
van Breugel, "3D lattice fracture model: theory and computer implementation," Key Engineering Materials, vol.
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Student Alexia van Breugel, 20, of Jesmond, wore trousers from Free People, a bag from Adidas and shoes from Nike.
Diante disso, diversos estudos (p.e., GIUNCHIET et al., 2015; BUCH et al., 2010; COYLE-SHAPIRO; MORROW, 2006; VAN BREUGEL et al., 2005; CONNELLY et al., 2007) tem sido dedicados a melhor compreender como organizacoes podem obter o comprometimento de trabalhadores em contextos de multiplos vinculos organizacionais.
Two researchers, Michael Dickinson from California Institute of Technology (Caltech) and Floris van Breugel from University of Washington, decided to study the behavior of Ephydra hians (the scientific name for the Mono Lake fly), which was described in 1872 by writer Mark Twain in his travel memoir "Roughing It."
People explained that divination or diagnosis usually took place through a process of questioning (-kufunsa mafunso) and reflection (-kuganiza), essentially like the approach witchdoctors and diviners have been recorded as undertaking elsewhere in Malawi and across Africa (Niehaus 2013; van Breugel 2001: 213-28; Whyte 1997; Morris 1996: 143-66; Janzen 1978; Marwick 1965: 66-83).
The images we do see are simple, nothing out of the ordinary: a melodious violet, a factory-made Madonna, a reproduction of a Breugel where a donkey follows its master through the snow.
The writer is Chair of International Economics at the University of Munich and a senior research fellow at Breugel, the Brussels-based economic think tank.
Dalia Marin is chair of international economics at the University of Munich and a senior research fellow at Breugel, the Brussels-based economic think tank.