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United States architect (born in Hungary) who was associated with the Bauhaus in the 1920's (1902-1981)

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Breuer noted that he is keenly following the innovations in the social sphere of Azerbaijan, and that he highly appreciates the initiative of creating DOST (Center for Sustainable and Operational Social Security) centers in the country.
With authentic German beer, food, and music, Breuer says that one 'can't get any more German than this [Oktoberfest] in this part of the world.' To him, it's all about offering guests the best and most authentic Oktoberfest experience they can have-and will want to keep coming back to year after year.
'The current account deficit is expected to rise to 1.5 percent of GDP by end-2018, reflecting increased imports of capital goods and raw materials,' Breuer said.
Breuer, who said the country's reserve requirement on bank deposits is one of the highest by international standards, was a necessity in the past given the BSP's limitations in issuing its own instruments to control liquidity and ultimately inflation, at the time when there were large balance surpluses.
While this projection falls below the government's ambitious 7 percent-to-8 percent target range, Breuer said their projection is an indication that the country continues to grow strongly and medium-term outlook remains favorable.
Over the years, Breuer held fast to his account of the case of Anna O.
Breuer added the short-term policies should balance the goals of growth and maintaining the stability.
Breuer faced scrutiny for using the sign in a report from the ( Daily Mail , which showed his hand gesture alongside others that did the same.
The galleries at The Met Breuer allowed for an exhibition design such that the photographs were displayed on three walls on the north-south axes, which intersected the walls on the east-west axes that displayed her works on paper and made possible some fascinating connections (figure 6).
By Kilian's new store, part of the remerchandising of the Shops at 944 Madison Avenue, is situated on the west side of Madison Avenue between 74th and 75th Streets on the Upper East Side, directly across from the recently opened Met Breuer, the Metropolitan Museum's second Manhattan location.
More than one hundred of the photographs she took with a 35-mm camera between 1956--when she numbered a roll of such film "#1"--and 1962, which marked the beginning of a decade of iconic Rolleiflex work, will be on view at the new Met Breuer this summer.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art takes over the Breuer building, former home of the Whitney, this month.
The two day workshop conducted by business guru Adi Breuer, encourages current or future business leaders and industrialists to acknowledge and recognise their potential in innovating their businesses.