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glazed and salted cracker typically in the shape of a loose knot

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Applicable in many parts of the globe, Citelli and Bretzel envision that the Capsula Mundi will eventually turn tombstone-filled cemeteries into forests brimming with life.
Bretzel said the reason for creating a biodegradable urn was to turn death into a holistic experience.
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The "Indonesia Fashion Forward 7" will exhibit the collections from Monday to Sunday, Bretzel and Cotton Ink.
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Per la sostituzione della voce di origine tedesca Bretzel, tra le possibili soluzioni attestate in italiano antico (come bracciadella o bracciatello, nel XV sec.) o in aree dialettali (per esempio brasade registrato nel Vocabolario pavese-italiano di Paolo Gambini), si adotta la forma bressadella, che coincide con la voce che indica un tipico dolce pasquale di Verona e indica per metonimia la Pasqua in un proverbio veronese: se piove su l'olivela, fa 'l sol su la bressadela.
The quantity of Pb in natural environment depends on traffic volume and the distance from roads (Ward et al., 1977; Fergusson et al., 1980; Hol et al., 1997; Lu, 2003; Bretzel and Calderisi, 2006).
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The European Commission has no intention to regulate or introduce a standard prescribing maximum salt levels for bread in Germany or anywhere else in the Union, said a spokesperson for Health Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou in reaction to articles in the German press suggesting that the Commission was preparing to introduce maximum salt levels, in particular for the German Bretzel. According to the spokesperson, the Commission is currently busy establishing "healthy" standards for levels of fat, sugar and wholemeal in nutrition in order to make the content of food more transparent.