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a native or inhabitant of Brittany (especially one who speaks the Breton language)

a Celtic language of Brittany

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Bretons moved into white-collar work and gradually blended in to the Parisian community.
The Pariahs of Yesterday: Breton Migrants in Paris.
Until the arrival of the railroad around the middle of the nineteenth century, Breton migration was distinct in that Bretons migrated internationally more than people from most parts of France, but were less likely to migrate internally.
bar] SIR - James Samuel Cole of Castell Nedd wrote (March 11) about the battle between the English and French armies when Welsh and Breton soldiers in both armies refused to fight on hearing each other singing the same song.
7) Long conceived as an uncommonly stable and enduring cultural possession of the Bretons, that costume was by the turn of the century attracting a new solicitude as a fragile inheritance requiring protection and advocacy; and becoming as well an iconic attraction within an ever-growing and socially diversifying international tourist commerce.
He told us: "During the early 1900s more than 50,000 people in Cape Breton spoke Irish as their first language.
His first winter in Cape Breton was an unforgettable one not only for Caplan but also for his neighbors in the small community of Wreck Cove where he still lives today.
In the 'Acknowledgements', Polizzotti thanks the Bretons for letting him see the embargoed unpublished papers and says: 'I hope that they will not be disappointed by the use of I have made of them'.
The second and third parts discuss the medieval and modem Celtic languages: Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, Breton, and Cornish.
There are similarities between Welsh and Breton, including many words which sound almost identical.
As a brief survey and synthesis of pre-historic, ancient, and medieval Brittany, The Bretons is well written and interesting.
Gold and silver studded necklace, New Look Distressed skinny jeans, River Island Black and gold quilted bag Dorothy Perkins Black and white Breton, Breton shirt Co Black leather look jacket, River Island White studded trainers, Zara .
TV Breizh boasts two channels, one in Breton and one in French, with the programs distributed via cable TV throughout the country.
Breton - Ah, the hat of choice for first ladies and wanna-bes.
Barzaz-Breiz (in full Barzaz-Breiz: Chants populaires de la Bretagne; "Breton Bardic Poems: Popular Songs of Brittany") A collection of folk songs and ballads purported to be survivals from ancient Breton folklore.