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a native or inhabitant of Brittany (especially one who speaks the Breton language)

a Celtic language of Brittany

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Breton allegedly purchased securities for his own accounts and the client accounts through a block trading or master account on days when public companies scheduled earnings announcements.
And by the time this iconic sweater filters down to we merer mortals, the shops don't help us keep a lid on our Breton compulsion.
residents who have threatened to emigrate if Trump wins the election could be assured of a warm welcome in Cape Breton.
El Breton que llego a Mexico se asumia totalmente inmerso en la historia y en el ejercicio de la libertad.
Leveraging the Aras platform, Breton has streamlined its quoting processes and gained fast prototyping with instant workflow modeling.
Like my other selection today, Mattmu, soft ground would genuinely enhance Breton Rock's chances of victory and I reckon we'll get both soft ground and the victory.
This new book will surely stand as the definitive account, in any language, of Breton migration to Paris from the nineteenth century into the twentieth.
Celtic Threads is unique in the small body of literature that examines the history of weaving in the Gaelic Cape Breton tradition.
This lively and engaging read joins the growing list of books for young readers from Cape Breton University Press.
Toacazo, el libro escrito por Victor Breton Solo de Zaldivar, es una mirada que, desde el observatorio de una parroquia ecuatoriana, analiza la transformacion del regimen de hacienda y la configuracion de la etnicidad como un argumento politico, eficaz en la movilizacion y en la articulacion de los movimientos populares.
For the Fraser family, two locations are "home": Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and the foothills of the Adirondacks in upstate New York.
96 acres in the leases are located in Breton Sound Blocks 18, 19 and 32, contiguous to its existing lease holdings in the Breton Sound 18 and Breton Sound 32 fields and close to existing facilities and pipeline infrastructure.
RAYMOND BRETON, Different Gods: Integrating Non-Christian Minorities into a Primarily Christian Society.
The second updated edition of Hiking Trails of Cape Breton features some forty routes from Money Point to Ghost Beach, offering details for locating trails, traveling the route, and experiencing the best Cape Breton has to offer.
The Pariahs of Yesterday is primarily based on an analysis of marriage records from the banlieu of Saint Denis and from the fourteenth arrondissement, two areas that had a significant concentration of Breton immigrants throughout the period studied.