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a former province of northwestern France on a peninsula between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay

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Bretagne was honored earlier this year for her work at the Twin Towers and her community service as one of Milk-Bones' "Dogs Who Changed the World.
Il a par ailleurs souligne que le groupe Volkswagen est en train de suivre avec attention cette decision etant donne que la Grande Bretagne represente 20% de parts de marche.
Nutrea's main shareholder would be Eolys/Coopagri Bretagne and other shares would be taken by Terrena in partnership with Pigalys and CAM 56.
Most raw materials in France, where the company is headquartered, are supplied by an 850-member farming cooperative, known as Coopagri Bretagne, which cultivates some 10,600 hectares in Brittany and Pays de Loire.
But the Grande Bretagne carries on true to its regal origins--as a 60-room royal guesthouse completed in 1862, just before the hapless Otto had to beat it out of town.
The drilling rig, consigned by Bretagne LLC, received the highest web traffic over the 3-day auction.
Contact person: DREAL Bretagne / Service patrimoine naturel 10 rue Maurice Fabre CS 96515 35065 Rennes cedex
We are absolutely convinced that the renovation and refurbishment program which we are about to embark upon with Lampsa, will restore the Grande Bretagne to its original splendor as Athen's most luxurious and prestigious hotel.
Contract notice: renovation work of the town hall of dol de bretagne - restart consultation lot 4 aluminum exterior joinery
Public service delegation for the management and operation of the bretagne romantique aquatic center in combourg for a period of 5 years from 1.
Contract notice: development of sports avenue, rue georges bonnet and rue du sillon in the municipality of the temple de bretagne
Contract notice: provision of assistance to the internal recruitment to the carsat bretagne of the primo managers who access or not and / or external managers
Contract notice:surveillance of interlocutors of the water agency loire bretagne