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United States writer noted for his stories about life during the California gold rush (1836-1902)


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Questions had been raised about Bret Harte and his substantial debts.
Bret Harte, likewise, shares this same sentiment, describing how he heard "Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" from Twain himself; he declares, "[I]t will never be as funny to anybody in print as it was to me, told for the first time by the unknown Twain himself, on that morning in the San Francisco Mint" (52-53).
Taking a pencil, Bret Harte then did something Twain regarded as "nothing less than inspiration itself.
The section on the history of San Francisco also contains an enlightening discussion of the city's literary heritage, populated with such luminaries as Bret Harte, Mark Twain, and Jack London, among others.
The twentieth volume in Eureka Production's truly outstanding series of graphic novel adaptations of classic works of literature, "Western Classics" features stories set in the American West and written by some of the most talented authors of the genre including Zane Grey, Bret Harte, Robert E.
I had always known Bret Harte (1836-1902) as the first American writer of the American West to gain both a national and an international reputation.
15) Bret Harte, Two Men of Sandy Bar (Boston: Adamant Media Corporation, 2004), 9.
In the two introductory chapters, he discusses other works, including novels by Bayard Taylor and short stories by Bret Harte, whose biography Nissen has written (Bret Harte: Prince and Pauper, 2000).
And the sight has also also focused attention from wedding planners and parents, ferrying their children to and from Bret Harte Elementary and Luther Burbank Middle schools, on the congregation, affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
While, yes, it is admirable that Twain did not level a racial slur against Bret Harte when he had the opportunity, that does not, by any means, prove that he, in the words of Cynthia Ozick, did not trot out "the old myths .
Ballantyne and the rollicking poems of Burns, Bret Harte and Edgar Allen Poe, Service quit the bank to go adventuring.
The Old West in the Old World: Lost Plays by Bret Harte and Sam Davis.
Although reported as a new record, that discovery just ties the 61-letter example found in 2004 by Dan Tilque in The Detroit News and mentioned in Word Ways at the time--though it is nearly undeniable that the Bret Harte example is of higher quality, as the Detroit News window contains proper names as well as two numerals, whereas the Harte example has no proper nouns or extraneous characters.
Grant for preserving the Union (he eventually published the statesman's best-selling memoirs); wrote in favor of rights for African Americans but was fond of telling racist jokes (and co-authored with Bret Harte the grotesquely anti-Chinese play Ah Sin); assailed the Gilded Age yet formed a close personal and professional relationship with the robber baron Henry Rogers; lampooned con men and scam artists yet went broke by investing in crackpot inventions and get-rich-quick schemes; and SO on.
was a student at Bret Harte Union High School, which is in a district of the same name located in central California near Yosemite.