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a port city in northwestern France (in Brittany)

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Answers: Harold Wilson; A duck; Brest Litovsk; 1972.
In this disputed city, just by the Polish frontier, are the ruins of the mighty fortress of Brest Litovsk, built by the tsars, acquired by Pilsudski's Poland in 1921, taken back by Stalin in his pact with Hitler in 1939, conquered by Hitler in 1941, retaken by Stalin in 1944, the property of an independent Belarus since 1991, and who knows what next?
Born in 1882 in the Russo-Polish border town of Brest Litovsk, and educated at the Slobodka yeshiva, a Lithuanian seminary of great repute, my father was very like an actor himself.
Born in Brest Litovsk, Poland, he covered WWII in Palestine for Time magazine.
Today the Ukrainian Catholic Church is celebrating the fourth centenary of the restoration of communion with the See of Peter, established at Brest Litovsk in October 1596.