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a city in southwestern Poland on the Oder

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(3) During his time in Breslau he wrote the following chapters for the Handbook of Ophthalmology, edited by Von Graefe-Saemisch: "Ocular disturbances in diseases of the nervous system" and "Ocular disturbances in intoxications".
While dealing tangentially with the history and politics of Germany as a whole, Stem's main focus here is on life among the Bildungsburgertum of Breslau, a class which he defines as "...
Calling the city Breslau is frowned upon by locals and a rebuilding project started by the Soviets is almost complete - although tank shell holes can still be seen on many gnarled buildings.
Indeed, go to Kemnitz and Breslau, and other smaller cities--and you find a small but successful Jewish community that, within a matter of a few years, clearly left its imprint on the community, particularly in the arts.
Cottbus, a banal industrial city near the Polish border, is worth a fast hour's drive on the autobahn from Berlin for its quirky Jugendstil theatre, and as an incentive to continue on to Wroclaw (the former Breslau), a repository of classic modern buildings.
Bodo Nischan's "Becoming Protestants: Lutheran Altars or Reformed Communion Tables" draws attention to Calvinists who saw in Lutherans' retention of stone altars and other trappings an incomplete process of reformation, hardly Calvin's idea of "'spiritual worship' devoid of all material props and humanly devised ceremonies" (97) In "Water Surrounded by God's Word: The Diocese of Breslau as a Window into the Transformation of Baptism from the Medieval Period to the Reformation," Kent Burreson chronicles the Calvinists' elimination of medieval exorcisms from the Lutheran baptismal ritual to present baptism "as a sign of the reception of the children of believers into the kingdom of God through the covenant of God's grace" (234).
Bonhoeffer's birthplace, Breslau, (now Wroclaw) in Poland.
But then Egypt asked for both the Orion and Bulwark to be sent, said Cdr Jeff Breslau, a spokesman for the US 5th Fleet, based in Bahrain.
The first signs I saw of Poland were at Breslau, the capital of Silesia, which, before being an Austrian, was a Polish province, and which, as every one knows, was taken from Austria by Frederick the Great.
No sailors or marines were injured", said Commander Jeff Breslau of the US Fifth Fleet based in Bahrain.
Soviets capture Breslau, Germany, after an 82-day siege.
out with the Jews." These words of Nazi storm-troopers are indelibly etched on the author's memory as they signalled the collapse of the comfortable life of the assimilated Jewish bourgeoisie into which he had been born in Breslau, now Wroclaw.
For nearly 20 years in the mid-1700s, a 3-ton Indian rhino named Clara traveled Europe--from Rotterdam to Breslau, Naples, Marseilles, and many places in between.