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Soviet statesman who became president of the Soviet Union (1906-1982)

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A partir de Stalin y pasando por Kruschev, Breshnev, y posteriomente Andropov, Chernenko hasta Gorvachev, la dirigencia sovietica se aferro a la tesis estalinista del "socialismo en un solo pais" y de la revolucion por etapas.
The era of Breshnev, which started in 1964 after Krushchev was deposed, returned the formal communism clearly even to school books.
Of the ten men in the picture, Georgi is one of only two to whom Breshnev has just presented the Soviet Gold Star, a medal which designates its recipient a Hero of the Soviet Union.
No recuerdo en que cuento de Puschkin una vieja condesa le pide a su sobrino o nieto en un ruso salpicado de frances --el ruso integral se reservaba para el servicio-algo para pasar el rato; y como el muchacho le ofreciera una novela de un tal Ivanov o Gagarin o Breshnev o lo que fuera, la anciana dama exclamo con vivisima sorpresa: "Pero, es que hay novelas rusas?
Yo no se si esto lo llego a entender Khrushov, pero seguro que si lo supo Breshnev, pues de otra manera no habria tomado esa decision fatal desesperada de invadir Afganistan para proporcionarle actividad a una economia que cogio un callejon sin salida; pues como se vio luego con Gorbachov, la salida era la negacion misma del sistema.
But the effects of Hiroshima and the test they conducted of their own, new, hydrogen bomb after Stalin's death persuaded them that, despite their version of Marxist theology, a war with the West could be avoided and Khrushchev and Breshnev declared, reluctantly, that there could be an unspecified period of careful cohabitation with the West.
Who, for example, would have predicted in the early 1980s, when President Reagan was denouncing the "evil empire" and Breshnev was rattling his SS-20 rockets at Western Europe, that within a decade the Berlin Wall would crumble, the Kremlin would allow the satellites of Eastern Europe to go in peace, and the Soviet Union itself would become history?
At maturity date, after Stalin's death, Khrushchev then delayed the payment of the bonds for another 20 years, but at the subsequent maturity date, President Breshnev paid the principal to all bondholders.
The Flanker and Fulcrum were designed in the Breshnev era, and only so much can be changed once the basic design is fixed.
The production also brought in the Cavite ballet scholars trained by Breshnev Larlar's Teatro Baile de Cavite; and the Philippine Ballet Theater's Bianca Trocino and Stephen Canete, who played Abby's parents.
Gerry's other credits included Willy Russell's Our Day Out, Alan Bleasdale's Boys From The Blackstuff, Carla Lane's TV sitcom Bread, Brookside and Frank Clarke's movie Letter To Breshnev.
The author deals in sometimes uninteresting detail with the wheeling and dealing, the too often vicious struggle for power in every one of the six republics since Breshnev.
Stalin and Breshnev built up big heavy industry centres and power stations, disregarding environment and pollution problems.
Its industries, steel and armaments, were started in the north, close to what was then the Soviet border, during the Breshnev regime, in the extravagant Breshnev style, a hundred plants, employing 140,000 workers.
He could make argreements with Soviet leaders and meet leaders like Breshnev and Gomulka of Poland.