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an Alpine mountain pass connecting Innsbruck in Austria with Bolzano in Italy that has long been a route for trade and for invasions

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It said last year that any plans to introduce controls at the Brenner Pass, a major road and rail link between northern and southern Europe, would break EU law.
Local police in Tyrol, Austria, said more than 600 protesters showed up at the third violent demonstration at the Brenner Pass in just over a month, meeting at the Brenner station in Italy.
Italians protested the new plan announced by Austria to build a fence, even though Brenner Pass is part of Europe's Schengen zone, a borderless area and a route for migrants seeking to reach Northern Europe.
Hall and Chappell's nemesis, Nazi major August Schiffer, whose area of responsibility coincides with the Americans' primary target, the Brenner Pass, employs ruthless and persistent means to capture both Italian partisans and any foreign operatives who might be assisting them.
I fell in love with Venice this winter, traveling by train from Munich through snow-covered alps and the new, incredibly long-and-dark tunnel through Brenner Pass, arriving in Northern Italy in about six hours.
Clark's Fifth Army at the Brenner Pass (May 4); recalled to the U.
Austria said it was considering reintroducing border controls at the Brenner Pass in the Alps on the Italian border, fearing it will become a major refugee route.
Austria has said it might reintroduce border controls at the Alpine Brenner pass to keep migrants from coming from Italy and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has said Austria's plans to build a fence there were "shamelessly against European rules".
Brussels, Rajab 21, 1437, April 28, 2016, SPA -- European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will travel to Rome next week to discuss the crisis at the Brenner Pass on the Austria-Italy border with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, dpa reported.
The demonstration was to protest Austria's preparations for a possible restoration of border controls at the Brenner pass in the Alps because of fears of a potential surge of migrant arrivals in Italy, Dawn newspaper reported.
It sails to Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Olympia, ending in Venice for the journey home, including a crossing of the Brenner Pass and one night each in Austria and Belgium.
In the account below, Tuttle tells the story of that fateful mission starting the day before, as he and his crewmates fly aboard the B-24 Lady in the Dark to strike the Brenner Pass rail line for the first time.
Il Duce ordered four divisions to the Brenner Pass and flew to Vienna to vent his rage and disgust with Hitler.
Tony served in Italy and flew many bombing missions over the critical Brenner Pass connecting Italy and Austria.
By contrast, Austria is calling for an increase of "at least 25%" in the specific case of the Brenner pass, an exception included in the Dutch compromise but rejected by Italy (because it would be "in breach of the Treaty's fundamental principles", it argues).