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a submachine gun operated by gas pressure


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There was no equivalent to the British Bren Light Machine Gun or the German MG34 and subsequent MG42, which served as LMGs (Light Machine Guns) when fired off the bipod and Heavy Machine Guns by the Wehrmacht when mounted on the German MG34 Lafette 34 tripod and the subsequent modification for the MG42.
One task was to harass the enemy by firing a few bursts from the Bren light machine gun at irregular intervals during the night.
4 Lee-Enfield and Pattern 14 rifles, Sten Machine Carbines, Bren Light Machine Guns and various .
4 Lee-Enfield rifles, Bren light machine guns, STEN submachine guns, Webley Mark IV and Enfield No.
gained a contract to make BREN light machine guns for both Great Britain and Canada.
III* Lee-Enfield rifle, Bren light machine guns and limited numbers of Thompson submachine guns.