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a submachine gun operated by gas pressure


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The BREN Gun and Soviet Degtyarev, incidentally, are both rated at about 500 rpm.
The plan for the landing involved a thirteen-man cover group, comprising four Bren gun sections, forming a beachhead.
Armed with a Bren gun and the legendary Fairbairn Sykes commando knife, the Royal Naval Commandos were the advance units of the Allied liberation force, storming enemy-held beaches and securing positions so landing craft could ferry in the troops and tanks.
We were equipped with old Lee Enfield 303s, Bren guns and Vickers machine guns; old Second World War equipment.
The cellars were used for storage purposes and testing bren guns.
In 1953, he and two other men, including Cathal Goulding who later became the chief-of-staff of the IRA, were sentenced to eight years in prison for stealing 108 rifles and eight Bren guns from an armoury.
I therefore hurried back to the dispersal area armoury where the Bren guns were kept.
If so, why throw and assault type weapons into the question--just to encourage the uninformed to think you're only asking about AK-47s and M-16s and British Bren guns that "spray lead like a garden hose"?
In one form or another, the Brits held on to their BREN guns until the early 1970s.
After repairs, they carried 100 soldiers back to England, and Robert took command of five Scottish trawlers and the Llanthony - now armed with two anti-tank guns and Bren guns.
We fired Bren guns, Sten guns and 303 rifles on the ranges.
The next morning in the platoon I was in charge of I had 26 men and one Bren gun when I should have had 36 men and three Bren guns.