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a submachine gun operated by gas pressure


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Now speaking personally, I've fired all of the guns mentioned here except the Vickers water-cooled machine gun and own a sample of everything except that and the BREN gun.
I've only gotten to shoot a BREN gun once so I'm no expert, but since it lasted so long in service evidently it was good.
Armed with a Bren gun and the legendary Fairbairn Sykes commando knife, the Royal Naval Commandos were the advance units of the Allied liberation force, storming enemy-held beaches and securing positions so landing craft could ferry in the troops and tanks.
After repairs, they carried 100 soldiers back to England, and Robert took command of five Scottish trawlers and the Llanthony - now armed with two anti-tank guns and Bren guns.
We fired Bren guns, Sten guns and 303 rifles on the ranges.
The next morning in the platoon I was in charge of I had 26 men and one Bren gun when I should have had 36 men and three Bren guns.
One of these re-welded semi-automatic Bren guns can easily exceed $3,000, which is still pretty pricey for us poor folks.
The parts kits contained all the parts for a Bren gun except for a barrel, magazine and receiver.
Secondary armament was 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikons with Bren guns (for Korean Waters only) mounted on the bridge.
When the total contract numbers rose from 12,000 to 190,000 Bren guns, Inglis and its investors, including Hahn and Herb Plaxton, hit the jackpot.
303 rounds for Lewis and Bren guns, shells for Polsten and Bofor guns, and 25Ib shells for anti-aircraft guns.
We can estimate that altogether more than 400,000 Bren guns were eventually produced in Great Britain, Canada, Australia and India.
The Chinese had continued to move up the side of the hill and the troops threw grenades and yelled back and forth as much as they could and fired magazine after magazine of Bren gun and belts of ammunition at the approaching Chinese.