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a submachine gun operated by gas pressure


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When the Nationalist Chinese government came to Canada shopping for Bren guns, they asked if Inglis could also make them the Browning Hi-Power which they bought directly from FN before 1940.
If so, why throw and assault type weapons into the question--just to encourage the uninformed to think you're only asking about AK-47s and M-16s and British Bren guns that "spray lead like a garden hose"?
In one form or another, the Brits held on to their BREN guns until the early 1970s.
After repairs, they carried 100 soldiers back to England, and Robert took command of five Scottish trawlers and the Llanthony - now armed with two anti-tank guns and Bren guns.
"The next morning in the platoon I was in charge of I had 26 men and one Bren gun when I should have had 36 men and three Bren guns.
I therefore hurried back to the dispersal area armoury where the Bren guns were kept.
Original Bren guns were blued, parkerized and I believe some were even painted in what was referred to as "war finish." I wanted to duplicate the appearances of a parkerized finish, but this project was not a good candidate for parkerizing.
At a range of about a hundred metres, the Hasty Ps opened fire with their rifles and Bren guns. 'A' Company's commander, Captain Alex Campbell, grabbed a Bren gun from one of his men and charged down the hill, firing from the hip.
IMA is offering original World War II British Bren Guns as inert display guns.
Only when the British agreed to purchase an additional 5,000 Bren guns did the idea make any economic sense.
In the meantime, I had six Bren guns and a .30 caliber American machine gun, and we were providing pretty devastating fire on all sides of the hill.
Secondary armament was 40mm Bofors and 20mm Oerlikons with Bren guns (for Korean Waters only) mounted on the bridge.