Bren gun

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a submachine gun operated by gas pressure


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"About five years ago I was working on the Bren gun carrier when I slipped, fell inside, and landed on top of the gear stick.
Minutes later, the sound of engines mixed with the clank of treads would reach our ears, heralding the approach of the Bren Gun Carriers.
Wilf with his fellow captives in a German POW camp and, left, with a Bren gun
Known as the Bren Gun after its place or origin--Ceska Zbrojovka arms works in Brno--and place of manufacture--Enfield Arsenal--it was a gas-operated weapon with a top-mounted 30-round magazine.
We found two Second World War Bren gun carriers buried by Donald Bain.
A Mk I* Bren Gun, the finest magazine-fed light machine gun ever fielded.
Often associated with a 1930s-era light machine gun used by Brit ain, the Bren Gun was a modified variant of the Czech-designed ZB vz.26 LMG.
They can be of simple design like the Bren gun carrier of World War II, the M-50 Ontos of Vietnam fame, the Wiesel 2 currently in use by European allies, or heavier chassis currently in use by the U.S.
He was a member of the Territorials and was thought killed when dashing into the open to retrieve a Bren gun.
The huge cache of arms including heavy guns and explosive recovered from them included 2 RPG-7 (rocket launcher), one each MG-1, HMG, Snifer gun, Bren gun, Kala kov, rifle 8mm, rifle china, rifle 5, rifle 303 bore pistol, 9 SMG, 4 hand grenades, 2000 rounds (different bore), 6 RPG-7 shells and 25 kg explosive along with safety fuse and primacord.
I learned how to strip and reassemble a Bren gun. I could do it now.
While shotguns predominate, there is also fire from automatic weapons, including a bren gun. The latter is manned by the rebel leader, an ex-Sarawak Ranger and weapons trainer, Salleh bin Sambas.
The Bren Gun, as it is usually called, with its distinctive curved box magazine on top, was priced at e1/4342.
On one occasion in late evening on a very humid, still day I was firing a Bren gun off its bi-pod resting on a shooting bench.