Bren gun

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a submachine gun operated by gas pressure


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At the time of the D-Day landings Mr Bellis was a Bren gun carrier driver.
303 rifles from the Boer War, brand-new Bren gun from 1947, light anti-tank missile, 'fire and forget' rocket launcher, and a .
A Mk I* Bren Gun, the finest magazine-fed light machine gun ever fielded.
In full view of the enemy who were continually firing at him, he went forward alone using a Bren gun to distract their attention from the other men.
Often associated with a 1930s-era light machine gun used by Brit ain, the Bren Gun was a modified variant of the Czech-designed ZB vz.
They can be of simple design like the Bren gun carrier of World War II, the M-50 Ontos of Vietnam fame, the Wiesel 2 currently in use by European allies, or heavier chassis currently in use by the U.
He was a member of the Territorials and was thought killed when dashing into the open to retrieve a Bren gun.
The huge cache of arms including heavy guns and explosive recovered from them included 2 RPG-7 (rocket launcher), one each MG-1, HMG, Snifer gun, Bren gun, Kala kov, rifle 8mm, rifle china, rifle 5, rifle 303 bore pistol, 9 SMG, 4 hand grenades, 2000 rounds (different bore), 6 RPG-7 shells and 25 kg explosive along with safety fuse and primacord.
Clockwise, from left, General Boles sitting at |controls of a Bofors gun at the Wolseley; Field Marshall Montgomery with Sir Miles Thomas inspecting a Bren gun carrier made at the Wolseley; the Hollywood star Edward G.
While shotguns predominate, there is also fire from automatic weapons, including a bren gun.
The plan for the landing involved a thirteen-man cover group, comprising four Bren gun sections, forming a beachhead.
He bravely rescued a captain from a burning Sherman tank and recounted other incidents in which he killed many German soldiers with a Bren gun and hand grenades and even shot a sniper who was causing many casualties.
The Bren Gun, as it is usually called, with its distinctive curved box magazine on top, was priced at e1/4342.