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a submachine gun operated by gas pressure


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I'd suggested to Bren that we take her out for a 'thank you' meal to drop the hint.
It focuses on the technical difficulties of stream chemistry in the clean waters of forested catchments, and includes brief sections on the effects of the use of fertilizers and herbicides in forestry--these effects being negligible in the studies Bren reports on.
I recognise the stare and shudder - Bren is pressing his self-destruct button, I just know it.
The principal criticism of the Bren, and one surely rare in the annals of military history, was that it was too accurate.
Two important new books, by Paulina Bren and Kristin Roth-Ey, take up the argument that we have much to gain by looking at post-Stalinist socialist societies through the lens of their mass media.
The alternating points of view between Bren and Cajeiri create both tension and comic relief.
The ministry said there have been 1,216 applications for Enfield MK4 rifles at e1/4214 per gun from the available 4,550 while 905 Bren light machine guns were reserved out of the 2,750 on offer.
He is also a Professor of Corporate Environmental Management at the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science & Management and Economics Department, University of California, Santa Barbara.
Bren to intercede with Building Commissioner Curtis J.
Though the bulk of green jobs in the state do not require special training, that trend could change, said Dave Bren, director of the Bellingham-based Washington Engineering Institute (WEI).
In this history of late communism in Czechoslovakia, Bren (History, Vassar College) shows how state-endorsed ideologies were played out on television, particularly in the form of soap opera-like serials.
1 June 2010 - Swedish security services group Securitas AB (STO: SECU B) said today that it has bought 60% of Sri Lankan sector player Bren Security for an estimated enterprise value of SEK37m, thus setting a foothold in the country.
Hefyd roedd A Williams, Caergybi (ac eraill) yn sn am wneud chwiban bren.
There's not a mention in the papers or from Big Bren and Steve Cram on the day.