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a port city in northwestern Germany at the mouth of the Weser River on the North Sea

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This year, artists sprayed Graffiti on a wall in the harbor in Bremerhaven, northern Germany.
This site is located in the heart of the international port of Bremerhaven, while being protected and accessed by two powerful locks located directly at the Outer Weser.
Artania's next destinations are Dublin, Cork, the Isles of Scilly, Portland, Dover and Amsterdam before she returns to Bremerhaven.
Much of what BLG handles at its 30,000 pallet place facility in Bremerhaven is whitefish destined for further processing by frozen seafood packing companies in the region--among them FRoSTA, Royal Greenland, Frozen Fish International and Pickenpack.
The ICON service will also provide a wide coverage of the Scandinavian and Russian markets via Bremerhaven - Germany.
The festival, 'Bremerhaven Sail 2010', was visited by over one million visitors in which 226 different types and sizes of tall ships took part.
The German Port of Bremerhaven is the last station for the RNO Ship "Shabab Oman'' during its current voyage to Europe and she will anchor on the return voyage in five ports for necessities and fuel.
The Bremerhaven installation uses a StreamStitch stitching system and SNT-U trimming drum.
civilians and local-national employees deployed from their home stations in Mannheim and Bremerhaven, Germany, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and to assist deploying units in their own unit areas and designated predeployment staging area locations.
JON Cullen, the former Thomson Cardiff Devils forward, has played a key role in taking Bremerhaven top of the table in Germany.
From a petition addressed to the mayor and city council clerk of Bremerhaven, Germany, circulated in February by the Austrian website Rainbow Online.
Jeike Kueck of Bremerhaven Zoo, Germany, said: "They may find love with a Swedish female but we're leaving them to it.
A group of European gay activists wrote an open letter in February to the Bremerhaven Zoo in northern Germany demanding that the zoo halt plans to try to turn three male pairs of Humboldt penguins straight with "organized and forced harassment through female seductresses."
Certain forest species with very quick growth could be the future material for local energy producers if they are grown in plantations, explained Mirko Hanel, director of international projects at the Bremerhaven Technology Transfer Centre (TTZ Bremerhaven).
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